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Tweets for Today - He kept his hat of broken dreams...
(not a weblog, but a convincing facsimilie thereof)
Tweets for Today
  • 08:05 Heard p90x sounds from a nearby hotel room and had a sudden, instinctive flash of happiness. So this is what being in a cult feels like. #
  • 15:45 @catiemonster On the last page of IKYM do we find out that depression, eternal and complete, is the work of influence of the Great Old Ones? #
  • 21:10 RT @ajthompson6: Cover of my @UAAlumniAssoc mag brought a tear to my eye :'( yfrog.com/h0kd6eoj #
  • 21:49 I can't get mad about dealing with the clueless first-day cashier and gate agent because hey, new job growth. #
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