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He kept his hat of broken dreams...
(not a weblog, but a convincing facsimilie thereof)
  • 00:17 If we ever get a truly liberal president and not a backsliding bullshitter, I hope they make Dan Savage their press secretary. #
  • 06:36 @spicybluekaren Neat, I didn't know they ported it. That may be easier than searching for my PC install disks. #
  • 10:15 @RossumsChild I dug it in 2001, but "children's fantasy turned dark" may be old hat by now. Straightforward platformer with great ambience #
  • 10:30 Via @ridingsloth on GReader: GetDrunkNotFat.com -- somehow I always knew I should just drink Everclear straight. #
  • 10:35 @catiemonster When someone tells me they're into mushrooming, I can only picture this guy: is.gd/lIee5L (I do kinda want this book) #
  • 11:09 No-Doz has a mascot with a dating profile online as well as Last.FM faves. I guess you get bored being up all night. is.gd/vTQ4Tx #
  • 12:53 You know what gets the ladies hot? proper biking hand signals, that's what. #
  • 12:58 Now I think on it, bike signals suck. L hand for stop prevents use of the front brake, and L hand for R turns is less visible… to the right. #
  • 15:07 My second visit to @VicSandwichBar was eleventy times better since this time I knew about the Jack-n-Coke slushies. #
  • 17:04 Forgetting for the moment the eight thousand Netflix titles I have enqueued... The King's Speech, or Hobo With a Shotgun? #toughChoices #
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wax philosophical
  • 07:41 @beautifulorgasm Studies say people are more attracted to those they met in dangerous times. I bet they raise spiders to pull that trick! ;P #
  • 08:15 @bigpeteb Yeah, the videos look neat. Too bad the A4 version is taking forever -- I won't be satisfied until I can dual-boot my phone! #
  • 09:28 A lot of the jokes are about 15 years old, but this is slightly mesmerizing. Drew Carey seems meaner this way. is.gd/nKThfH #
  • 10:56 Because I know at least four women who have considered starting this exact blog: This Is Not OK, Cupid. thisisnotokcupid.tumblr.com/ #
  • 12:13 At least a few parts of my apartment's wiring were constructed by gnomes, or perhaps sentient spiders. #tinyHands #tinyTools #
  • 16:02 Does it count as productivity if none of the things I've gotten done today were on my todo list? #
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wax philosophical
  • 09:47 I might use this low-power sub-$100 dual-nic box as a RAID 1 NAS. Anyone I know have experience with VIA C7 CPUs? is.gd/NRx1zl #
  • 13:57 The irony of the Tonys opener (Broadway's Not Just For Gays Anymore!) is how many guys would switch-hit for @ActuallyNPH is.gd/wL0130 #
  • 19:19 @nutcase101 Tends to be fast enough for me, but not fast enough for Anthony Weiner. #
  • 21:07 @Roll1rish Neuro-doc told me that alcohol drops neurogenesis, but alcohol + exercise raises it just as much as exercise alone. #
  • 22:11 Funny how Duke Nukem Forever's measure of success, unlike most games, is not 'a good game' but rather 'a game that exists.' #
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wax philosophical

  • 00:48 There are a dozen of these, but this is the best: WATCHPONIES. is.gd/p8EIYk (except maybe the cutie mark used in Inglorious Basterds) #

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wax philosophical
  • 08:00 You know it's REI when more people are reading iPads than books. #stuffwhitepeoplelike #
  • 08:34 A boy asked his dad why I was sitting on the ground. Seeing the line, the better question is why I'm not wearing ridiculous hipster shades. #
  • 09:27 On a seeeriously old jacket: "user decided did not fit after 10 years." #scratchanddent #
  • 09:32 At least four boxes of pristine VFFs here. They reek of failed experimentation and broken toes. #scratchanddent #
  • 09:38 "washed; could not get wrinkles out." it's like a stupidity-of-others discount! #scratchanddent #
  • 09:51 That bike is CUT. in GODDAMNED. HALF. and they still want about 450 for it. #scratchanddent #
  • 10:06 Saddest tag of the day: "customer's bike got stolen; no need for bike shoes." #scratchanddent #
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wax philosophical

  • 11:34 Deleting a 120gb client VM and ending the RAM/HDD bottlenecks it caused feels like an exorcism. Get thee behind me, you have no power here. #

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wax philosophical
  • 08:09 Nothing like the full-body realization of how long it's been since one's last proper yoga. #
  • 08:26 @AmandaBranwyn No, Just basics: ice and stretching. I bet there are shoe inserts/orthotics to lift the arch, but I also bet they're pricey. #
  • 10:13 @spicybluekaren seems you got your wish re: Weiner nudes. He should sack up (only time I'll ever say that) and direct-mail them to all NYC. #
  • 10:13 @beautifulorgasm Was it because you were too busy tweeting about My Little Pony? #understandable #
  • 11:00 @spicybluekaren You said on 6/2 you'd hound him for nudes, and now one sorta exists, as blurry pics of Breitbart's iPhone #
  • 11:40 REI Scratch-n-dents this weekend! -- Saturday at the Atlanta store, Sunday at the Kennesaw store. #
  • 12:06 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, without comment, The Learning Channel. bit.ly/e9Hjp3 #
  • 15:03 I want a NAS, but love how PlayOn frees me from worrying about format compatibility. Should I install FreeNAS on a USB3-compatible nettop? #
  • 16:40 "Who matches socks? Just put two on and go about your day. If someone asks why your socks don't match, ask them why their life sucks."-anon #
  • 17:06 Neat idea - a simple honeypot embedded in your email that texts you if anyone trips it. bit.ly/lF9NAF #
  • 19:16 Dear Mario, I'm sorry I called you a 'greasy cock-biting wop' but 1+shake is THE WORST control to lift things. Your pal against Bowser, RJ #
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wax philosophical
  • 08:59 @catiemonster your comic is making me worry I'm depressed and didn't know it. On the plus side, I love your cats' regal fluffy tails! #
  • 10:17 MORE DEPRESSED NOW, THANKS. =P RT @catiemonster: @RJCantrell MAYBE YOU ARE. Maybe you are just lazy and gluttonous? #probablythelatter #
  • 12:39 Turns out, Radiohead's "Street Spirit" is much more depressing than I thought. 'Immerse your soul in love', people! bit.ly/10SzSA #
  • 13:50 @bigpeteb Yeah, most of my time in Eclipse-and-Java-land was like that. = / #
  • 13:53 @bigpeteb Oh, that? make sure you pulse-modulate the phase variance of your SC9227 tachyon emitter array in accordance with OR18 v2.1.5. #
  • 14:18 The "avocado" at Subway is a trap, and not just because I like big ol' chunks of it. You'd get more green on a sammich by sneezing on it. #
  • 16:33 I know a few folks who bank with USAA and are happy with them; any other banks to consider, or USAA advice/horror stories? #
  • 19:00 @jennroper they take anybody these days. I mean, they still ask about military family, but then give you the acct even if you say no to all. #
  • 19:03 Haven't been posting run times because they've been pretty poor, but today I got 4mi in vibrams in 35:31. Felt pretty good! #
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wax philosophical
  • 07:42 10 years ago today, the Bush tax cuts passed, doubling the deficit without creating a single job. is.gd/CqDqGq #
  • 10:15 Blood work came back saying I am Martin Van Buren, which means I've been dead 170 years. Doc showed me the wikipedia page and everything. #
  • 10:15 @jennroper i.imgur.com/aaoJk.jpg #
  • 13:59 Pop quiz: Has anyone EVER, when asked before (not after) a customer service call, agreed to the survey? #
  • 21:56 The problem with trying to 80/20 a lot of areas of your life at once is that sometimes 80 percent isn't good enough. #
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wax philosophical
  • 06:03 Yep, definitely not starting any more @Wordfeud games. 72 hour limits make weekend climbing trips hard. Lern 2 Wordswithfriends / Scrabble. #
  • 06:16 (For the record, Scrabble moves delayed games to a separate 'inactive' list where you can nudge your opponent or resume the game - useful!) #
  • 10:20 @catiemonster Since QC hasn't had any plotlines centered on Toto lately, I think you should pick up the slack. #
  • 10:55 “It’s easy to forget that change starts with anger, and that history has always been made by badasses.” - @emilymaynot wapo.st/iMPV4z #
  • 15:16 I'm not a legal scholar: Constitutionally, can a 'frothy mix of lube and fecal matter resulting from anal sex' be president? #Santorum #
  • 16:55 Things that have made me cry: Bridge To Terabithia (the book), Up, breakups, The Sims Social being made instead of SimCity 5. #
  • 20:00 Yes, Rs, @RepWeiner traded consensual clothed pics with an adult woman. Yawn. Call me when Ds are soliciting underage staff like Mark Foley. #
  • 22:07 let's say I've a hollow plastic prop I want to make stiffer and more durable. Is there something like resin I could pour into it to do that? #
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wax philosophical