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He kept his hat of broken dreams...

(not a weblog, but a convincing facsimilie thereof)

The Sound of Three Hands Clapping
1 October
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TheSpaceCow was born at a very young age to indigent Gypsy parents who couldn't afford to keep him: after being found in the forest and raised by wolves, he enrolled in the local Academy for Pale Young Geniuses, where he excelled as both geek and jock. However, he soon grew bored of shoving himself into lockers and attempted to make a name for himself in the exciting field of armed robbery.

Though offered a scholarship through the state's Young Convict Diversion Program, theSpaceCow already knew his true love lay elsewhere. He spent a few disappointing years as as a male stripper's understudy, gained a following as a televangelist, then began wandering the southeast as a nomadic martial arts expert in search of the man who killed his father.

He writes software in Atlanta, GA with the assistance of an adorable poofy-tailed cat. In times of emergency, he can kill a rhino with his bare hands. sometimes he does, just for fun. He also really enjoys talking about himself in the third person.
adam warren, alkaline trio, anime, aphrodite, art, astronomy, bad religion, biking, blackstone, books, boxing, boy sets fire, caffiene, cake, canadian world domination, cartoons, cheese, chess, clubbing, cobras, computers, concerts, creme savers, cryptonomicon, crystal method, daft punk, danger, dashboard confessional, davinci's notebook, dead kennedys, dean martin, dennis miller, donnie darko, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, dreaming, drinking, dropkick murphys, eggers, emo, etc., fenix tx, fight club, fire, five iron frenzy, food, football, frank sinatra, geeks, george carlin, goldfinger, gonzo journalism, hadji and the turbans, hockey, hot rod circuit, hot water music, hunter s. thompson, indie rock, invader zim, iron chef, japan, jazz, jedis, johnny bravo, johnny inc., keoki, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kissing, kubrick, less than jake, little red rocket, llamas, love, magic eight balls, making out, manga, martial arts, moulin rouge, movies, mst3k, music, mustangs, mythology, naked chef, nasa, neal stephenson, nebulae, neil gaiman, new hall, ninjas, orion, pain, passion, philosophy, piercings, placebo, planet of the apes, poetry, powerpuff girls, procrastination, prodigy, programming, prose, psychology, punk, rand, reading, romance, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, satire, save ferris, sealab 2021, shelbys, shiny objects, shirow, sinatra, sith, ska, sleep, space ghost, star wars, starcraft, stargazing, starsailor, taiko, tattoos, techno, ten yard fight, the mars volta, the postal service, the strokes, thrifting, vampires, volcanos, vonnegut, waffle house, warcraft, weezer, weightlifting, wesley willis, yatta!, yoseikan budo, your mom